Bladder Cancer Stages

During the year 2009, the American cancer society has estimated that there would be 70,980 new cases of cancer of the bladder within the coverage year. In those 70,980 there is an approximate of 14,330 persons who will die due to the cancer of the bladder. Once diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, there are more tests to be conducted in order to determine the stage of the cancer tumor. Treatment options vary from people and the stage of their current ailment. Bladder cancer survival rates are determined upon the stage wherein the tumor has been classified.Like most cancers, bladder cancer stages are divided upon 4 periods. Each stage reflects the spread of the malignant tumor within the tissues or systems of the body.The initial stage of cancer of the bladder is called stage 0 or Carcinoma in situations. During this stage the cancer cells are found in the inner linings of the bladder. If there is no swelling or lumps during the internal examination after the cancer is taken out, various treatments may be given to the patient. Various treatments during Stage 0 of this malignant disease include the use of cystoscope to remove the cancer, photodynamic therapy, intravesical biological therapy and chemotherapy.Stage 1 of this dreaded disease is when the malignant cancer cells have spread into the inner linings of the bladder. Bladder cancer survival rates during this stage are at 88% chance of survival. Treatment options for patients that are in this stage may include radiation therapy, transurethral resection and surgical removal of the part infected with cancer.Stage 2 of cancer of the bladder occur when the malignant cancer cells have spread and infected regions of tissues within the bladder. Bladder cancer survival rates during this stage drops down to just 63% chance of survival. During this stage the patient may require surgery to remove the infected bladder and the organs within its range. Lymph nodes may also be removed if they are confirmed to be infected.Stage 3 of bladder cancer occurs when the tumor have start to infect the tissues surrounding the bladder as well. Aggressive type of treatments is given to the patient in order to cope up with the growing tumor. During this stage chances of survival drop down to just 46% percent.Stage 4 cancer of the bladder happens when the malignant cancer cells have grown and affected other systems of the body as well. This process is called Metastasis. During this stage a patients cancer survival rate drop down to just 15% chance of cure.